Why you need a hospital bassinet for your newborn

For parents with young babies, it is both a very beautiful time of their lives and very stressful time. Most parents worry constantly for the safety of their baby. The time period leading up to the birth is also stressful because of all the equipment that needs to be ready including baby cots and baby bath tubs. Instead of panicking or stressing out it is wise to invest in a hospital grade bassinet at least for the first few weeks after birth.

Providing safety for the baby

A hospital grade bassinet is a clear acrylic bassinet capsule that can be wheeled when necessary and stationed alongside your bed when you sleep. It is clear bassinet sitting on top of a stainless steel frame which is fitted with wheels and lockable brakes. So you can wheel it next to your bed in the night and lock the wheels to make sure it does not move. Also, the clear bassinet allows you to view the baby easily to make sure everything is well. So it is the perfect safety mechanism for your baby to sleep at night. As it allows you to keep an eye on the baby without having to get up in the night it is good for parent’s health as well.


Multipurpose features

Hospital grade bassinets offer multipurpose features as it also doubles up as a bathing unit when the mattress is removed and can be used as a changing table when necessary. So when it is necessary to bath the baby you just have to remove the mattress and fill the bassinet with water. And after you are done wash the bassinet with soap and dry it before putting back in the mattress. The shelving unit also allows you to store items such as diapers, clothes and baby toiletries that come handy in changing.

Convenient for busy parents

If you are working from home as a parent you can wheel the bassinet with the baby close to your work station to allow you to keep an eye on both the work and the baby. You can tend to daily chores in the same manner as well.

Overall hospital bassinet is a great choice both in terms of safety and because it offers a range of uses. This can be cost cutting and save you the trouble of picking three separate types of furniture.

Epworth HealthCare Bathing

Ils BabyCare offers you the opportunity to hire hospital grade bassinets conveniently through the web page. They also ensure hygienic rentals by cleaning and sanitizing the bassinets before hire. Thus the answer to your needs and the baby’s needs are both in the hospital grade bassinet.

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Ross Wallace