Why use a breast pump?

Why Use A Breast Pump?

Why Use A Breast Pump?

Breastfeeding offers a wealth of benefits both for the newborn as well as the new mum but there are several reasons why a new mum may also need to use a breast pump.

Your Baby Enjoys the Benefits of Breast Milk Even When You Are Not Around

Whether you are a working mum or stay-at-home mum, a breast pump makes it possible for you to easily express and store breast milk so your baby can enjoy the benefits of breastfeeding even when you are not around. As a stay at home mom you may want to use a pump to prepare a feeding for an occasional night out without your little one. If you plan to return to work, a breast pump offers you a faster and more convenient way to express milk for your baby’s daytime feedings.

Allows Dad and Other Family Members to Bond with His Baby

Some mothers may choose to use a pump to express milk to give the father or other family members an opportunity to feed and bond with the baby as well.

Relieves Engorged Breasts

Engorgement of the breasts is common in nursing mums. This can be relieved by using a breast pump. Pumping a little milk using a breast pump helps soften the nipple area and makes it easier for your baby to latch on.

Increases Milk Supply

In lactating mothers, milk production follows the principles of supply and demand. One of the best ways to increase your low milk supply is by using a breast pump to stimulate the production of milk. With frequent pumping you can increase and maintain an ample supply of breast milk for your baby.

Ensures a Premature or Sick Baby Gets Sufficient Breast Milk

If your baby is premature or is too sick to latch on for successful breastfeeding, the best way to ensure your baby gets sufficient breast milk is by using a breast pump to express milk. This can then be fed to your baby using an appropriate feeding bottle.

For several new mothers, buying a breast pump may seem like an unnecessary investment considering it would only be used for a short period of time. However, at some point you may find that you do need a breast pump for any of the above reasons. Renting out a breast pump from a reputed company is a more cost effective way of ensuring that you have one on hand should the need arise.