Why Busy Moms Love Breast Pumps

Did you know that breast milk is the only food source that contains all the nutrients an infant may need? That’s why many moms choose breast milk over formula, often using breast pumps to accommodate lifestyle changes; including having to go back to work after paternal leave (Australia offers 18 weeks of paternal leave for working moms).

How Long Should You Offer Your Child Breast Milk?

From the time the baby is born until his or her first birthday, breast milk is the only food source that your baby will need (which includes white blood cells, as well as antibacterial and antiviral agents too). Even when the baby starts solids (which is recommended only after 6 months of age) breast milk should be the primary source of nutrition.

Breast milk will then act as a supplement from the second year onwards, alongside solid food whereby the composition of the breast milk will alter itself to meet the changing dietary requirements of the baby as he or she grows older.  A child’s immune system takes between two to six years to fully mature, where breast milk can supplement the growth and boost the child’s immune system as long as it is offered. A great way to do this is to utilise a breast pump for the discrete convenience it offers to express breast milk for storage.

Expressing Milk at Work using an Electric Breast Pump

If you are a busy working mom going back to work, it is important to keep up your breast milk supply. The best way to do this is via a quality electric breast pump such as the Medela Symphony Breast Pump. As you go back to work, a few changes need to be made, especially when you want to continue offering your infant breast milk! That’s why busy moms swear by breast pumps.

Expressing milk using a quality breast pump while at the workplace stimulates milk production. This makes sure that your milk supply is enough when you nurse your little one once you get home. The double kit that is available with the Medela Symphony Breast Pump allows you express milk from both breasts at the same time, cutting down time when at work.  The Medela Symphony Breast Pump was especially designed in partnership with the University of Western Australia following extensive research to imitate the baby’s natural sucking motion

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Why a Busy Mom Should Use a Breast Pump

A busy mom, always on the go who would also like to offer her little baby the nutrients that breast milk provides may have various reasons to use one. You can start using a breast pump even before you have to go back to work for a number of reasons from engorged breasts, to keeping up your milk supply when  on the go, or even to allow another family member such as the father to bond with the baby. A breast pump is invaluable when you want your little one to enjoy the benefits of breast milk when you are away from home, such as at a doctor’s visit, a grocery run, a bout of shopping or even for a night-out.

Fresh expressed breast milk can last up to eight hours at room temperature, but you can also refrigerate in sterile containers for five to seven days too. For busy moms who may need to be away for long periods of time, they are able to freeze the expressed milk ahead of time and keep it  up to three to four months in the freezer or even up to six months in a deep freezer (with the setting set to 0).

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