Medela Symphony Breast Pump

What is a Hospital Grade Electric Breast Pump?

Many new mothers look to breast pumps to express breast milk so that their little ones can enjoy the nutritious natural benefits of breast milk. As opposed to personal use breast pumps, hospital grade breast pumps are categorised in that manner due to that fact that they have been manufactured for daily and frequent use and are used greatly in maternity wards of hospitals and nursing centres. There are various reasons why many mothers want to choose to express breast milk- for premature or sick infants who have trouble breastfeeding, for twins or multiple births, to increase milk supply, and induce lactation. The reason why many parents around the world opt to hire a hospital grade electric breast pump that would cost thousands of dollars otherwise, is due to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness and not to mention the fact that these breast pumps are manufactured to avoid cross contamination (unlike personal use breast pumps).

The Medela Symphony is one of the most popular hospital grade breast pumps available in Australia. This is because of its partnership with the University of Western Australia to develop the natural baby sucking motion that makes breast milk expression easier. Named “2-phase expression pumping”, this hospital grade electric breast pump reduces the time taken to pump breast milk in half as the natural sucking motion promotes the faster letdown of milk and promotes lactation. Also with the double-kit accessory, you are able to pump breast milk simultaneously, saving you time – something many working moms will greatly value!

Many new moms swear by hospital grade electric breast pumps as it greatly aids in establishing breast milk, which is easier with the likes of a Medela Symphony over a personal use option. They are also great for dealing with low breast milk supply issues as well as if you have chosen to exclusively express, then this is the perfect option – as it feels like you’re expressing breast milk as if you are breastfeeding your baby.

When it comes to booking your hospital grade breast pump rental with ILS Babycare, you should know that you receive the Medela Symphony Breast Pump Unit, Plastic Bottle Stand, AC Lead and Carry Case, which will require you to be billed in 4-week cycles. However, to make sure hygienic conditions are maintain, you will be required to purchase the Medela Double Kit which comes with PersonalFit breast shields and connectors which are made without BPA thus being safe for your baby. Delivery or location can also be arranged Australia wide, however if you reside in Sydney and require the Medela Symphony the next day, book now!

One of the convenient things about hiring the Medela Symphony hospital grade breast pump is that you are eligible for rebate against your breast pump hire through your private health insurance cover. Make sure to inquire about this fact when preparing for the arrival of your little one.

The Medela Symphony is a trusted choice due to its unique design and technology that imitates the baby’s’ sucking motion, much like a symphony of sorts!

Inquire about hiring the Medela Symphony by filling out the breast pump hire form!

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