What being a new mum is really like

Being a mother is a much-anticipated event in many women’s lives. They pray and count days for the day they can cuddle and cherish their own bundle of joy. Being a new mom is actually just as much rewarding as they anticipate as newborn babies are completely adorable and lovable. Family, relatives, and friends also get involved in the process giving a world of attention to both the baby and the new mom. Mothers tend to become very protective of their newborns and consider them their whole world.

Nurturing your newborn

Babies look both looks and smell adorable and nurturing a baby can feel like the most fulfilling task on earth. Looking after a baby involves many tasks such as feeding the baby, bathing the baby, putting him/ her to sleep and spending play time with the baby. These tasks will keep moms busy and occupied for the first few years of their babies’ lives. So they should be prepared with baby bassinets, breast pumps, baby clothing and products for the better care of the baby.

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Feeding the baby

Breast milk is a very important component for a baby’s development. Breast milk has proper nutritious and immunology qualities needed by the baby. So the mother must make sure to include plenty of nutritious food in her food as well. Breastfeeding is also a wonderful opportunity for the mother and the baby to bond closely. As breast milk is important, it is advisable if either because of work or any other difficulty a mom is unable to directly breastfeed, to use a breast pump which helps to pump and store breast milk for later use.

Bathing and putting the baby to sleep

Bathing and putting the baby to sleep can also be bonding moments in the baby’s and the mother’s lives. It is important to make sure the baby is in the correct position when engaging in these activities, however.

Play time!

Babies start learning at an early age watching their parents and observing new things. So play time is very important to the baby. It is just a time for the baby and parent to interact. It can involve cuddling, talking to the baby and doing a sort of cycling motion with the baby’s legs. You can also decorate the baby room with a lot of colors and hang colorful designs over the baby cot for the baby to look at.

Travelling with a baby!

Traveling with a baby is another way for parents to spend time with enjoyable with the baby. However, it is advisable to wait till the baby is few months old as the immunity of babies improves as they grow. Before traveling all the necessary items have to be packed in a baby bag so that you can have a comfortable journey with the baby.

This time can also be a tad bit tiring, especially for working mothers. So it is important for the mothers to get help from other family members. Overall early motherhood is a joyful time. Make sure to take photos and videos of the precious moments to cherish over the years!

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