Using Your Medela Symphony Electric Breast Pump Rental

As a new mother, you’ve just welcomed a beautiful little baby. You’re probably learning so many new things every passing hour (or minute). One of the things that many new breastfeeding mothers worry the most is whether the little one is getting enough milk or whether you are doing it right.

There are many instances where direct breastfeeding isn’t possible or difficult. That is why so many maternity wards in hospitals turn to the likes of hospital grade breast pumps to help new mother gain confidence. The likes of the Medela Symphony Electric Breast Pump, which is a hospital grade research based breast pump, can help in initiating, building, and maintaining your milk supply!


The Medela Symphony is a double electric breast pump, which means you are able to express breast milk from both breasts at the same time. Many mothers may be reluctant at first to try the likes of feeding expressed breast milk; however, there are many benefits to this option. The great thing about the Medela Symphony is that the sucking motion it mimics is very similar to that of the natural sucking motion of a baby, which can help in stimulating milk flow.


This type of electric breast pump promotes either exclusively expressed breast milk feeding, or a division between breastfeeding and expressed breast milk feeding. By doing so, you are ensuring that your baby gets the best nutrition! With the personal breast shields that come in a range of sizes for maximum comfort and are gentle on sensitive breast tissue. The behaviour of the pumping action is also gentle, and using your Medela Symphony breast pump can also help alleviate breast engorgement and also in the healing of mastitis.

When using your double electric breast pump, you get the option of either double or single pumping. When using the double pumping system, you are able to save on time, which is helpful for a working mom or a work from home mom. The 2-phase technology that essentially is a research based pumping technology mimics the baby’s natural sucking rhythm thus stimulating the breasts in bursts and longer patterns to ensure maximum milk flow! The 2 phases are stimulation and expression! In addition, the 2-phase technology not only makes the process feel natural, but also it can help express more milk in a shorter period of time. It has also been found that it can help in the transition from breastfeeding to expressing much easier!


When renting your Medela Symphony hospital grade electric breast pump through ILS Babycare Australia, you should be aware that it can only be used by one mother at a time, for hygienic reasons. ILS Babycare makes sure to clean the units between rentals to avoid health risks. In addition, most health insurance policies offer rebates for your breast pump rental too! This breast pump set can provide a new mother with everything she needs as a new breastfeeding mother!

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Ross Wallace