Top ways to sterilize your breast pump

As a breastfeeding mother using the breast pump on a daily basis, the cleaning of the breast pump becomes a very important ritual. As it comes into contact with the breast milk that is used for the baby it is very important to keep it very clean and sterilized as not to let any bacterial and fungal growth in it.

Basic cleaning procedure

Firstly the instruction manual for the breast pump must be consulted to find which are to be washed to and how to remove each section. Each part that comes into contact with breast milk must be washed immediately after pumping with cold water. Each piece must be washed separately with liquid dish washing soap and warm water afterward. Then they have to be rinsed thoroughly with hot water for about ten to fifteen minutes and left to dry on a clean surface. It is not necessarily clean the tubes of the breast pump unless it comes to contact with breast milk. If you do wash them they have to be properly dried before being reattached. It is difficult to completely sterilize the pieces with this procedure. However, it is enough to sanitize them, which is all that is necessary according to the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Special soap

There are special sanitizing products available to be used in place of dish washing soap such as Medela’s quick clean breast milk removal soap that can remove breast milk from up to three days old.

Electric unit for powered breast pump should not be washed!

The electric unit should not come into contact with any liquid or be microwaved. Instead, it should be wiped down with a clean paper towel or a soft clean cloth. Some breast pump manufacturers provide wipes for the purpose of cleaning, which could be used for the cleaning of the electric unit.


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