Top Tips : Keeping Your Hospital Bassinet Clean

A hospital grade bassinet is a sure way to keep your newborn safe and cozy. A hospital bassinet is a clear acrylic bassinet capsule that allows you to keep the baby at sight from anywhere in the room. Hospital bassinets are also portable as they have a wheel attached to their frame. Thus they can be wheeled anywhere and there is a locking system to make sure it does not roll anywhere without supervision. A hospital bassinet is a convenient instrument for new mothers who are embracing the responsibilities of raising a baby. But it is important to keep your baby bassinet clean at all times to ensure the wellbeing of your baby.

How to keep your baby bassinet clean?

Cleaning a bassinet can be very simple so there is no reason why you should not do it regularly. First, the baby should be placed carefully on your bed with pillows around him or her to make sure they do not role off. Then you can remove sheet on top to be washed and dried in the washing machine. Then with the help of antiseptic wipes thoroughly wipe the mattress and the surface of the bassinet including the steel frame. After everything is dried you can reassemble the pieces. If you are using the extra shelf of the baby bassinet to store diapers, make sure to remove those items before cleaning.

After changing diapers

Hospital bassinets are multi-purpose and time saving. If you remove the mattress of the bassinet you can easily use it as a changing table. However it is advisable to lay a cloth on the bassinet to make sure you do not contaminate the surface of the bassinet as you change the diaper, especially since you may not have the time to clean the bassinet each time you change the diaper of your baby. However you can always have some antiseptic wipes close by to give an quick wipe and to keep your own hands clean.

After the baby bath

Another important feature of the hospital bassinet is that it can be used as a baby bath. So you can basically remove the mattress and fill the bassinet with water to bath your baby. However after you are done you should wash the baby bassinet with soap and water and dry it well before putting back the mattress. This will ensure the bassinets cleanliness and avoid the growth of fungi and other bacteria which are attracted to dampness.

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Ease and convenience

As you can see keeping a hospital bassinet clean and sanitized is a quite easy task, so owning a hospital baby bassinet will be a very wise decision, especially for busy working mothers. So let go of your stress and hire one now and let your daily tasks be much more convenient.

How to rent a hospital bassinet

You can now rent a hospital bassinet at Independent Living Specialists for just $22.50 a week. And their bassinets are cleaned and sanitized at their facilities, so there is no need to stress about the cleanliness.

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