Top Tips for Working Mothers

Being a working mother usually, means the resting of a double burden upon your shoulders with both the responsibilities of the workplace and the responsibilities of the babies and toddlers. It is important to be there for children in their first few years as well as to continue your career so the pressure that working mothers feel is high. But with proper planning and support from your family members, you can manage both and have time for yourself.
Spending time with your baby
Firstly you may have to depend on a family member or a trustable hired help to take care of your baby while you are away at work. It will be easier to stick to a time table for yourself and the baby; in terms of what time you will be leaving to work and getting back so that you will not miss spending time with the baby. So it is better to keep your bosses informed about the fact that you need to leave at a reasonable hour in the evening. One thing that will be very convenient is taking your baby or toddler to work. You can keep him/her in a corner in a play pan while working and tend to his/her needs from time to time. Also, many workplaces offer their own daycares where you can keep your baby in close proximity and good care. Either way, you should make sure to get a few hours of each day to interact and play with your baby. You could also creatively make use of holidays and weekends by taking the children to the beach or a park so that they can have their fun while you can relax while keeping an eye on him.
Health and Nutrition
One thing that usually gets ignored when one is stressed and busy is their health. You must make sure to take proper care of both you and the baby’s nutrition. It is good to plan overnight what you and the baby are going to have for breakfast and lunch. Especially a breast feeding mother must eat a fully balanced diet and have plenty of fluids. Breast feeding is very important for the baby so you may have to make it possible for your baby to be breast fed for the first six months. One way it is made easier for working mothers is the breast pump; which can be used to pump and store milk for later use. This way you can easily feed the baby at work or have a family member or nurse feed the baby while you are away.

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Make Lists and Calendars
It is good to make lists of what you have to do and things you have to buy in order to avoid stress due to forgetfulness. A calendar marking the important dates will be also very important. But most importantly ask for help when you need and friends and family will be by your side for support.

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