Newborn babies can actualize huge demands from their parents and some of the top issues and solutions to these problems are mentioned herein

Breastfeeding Challenges

Breastfeeding is an instinctive part of all new mothers, but it takes time to get into a routine. Initially, it is not that easy and smooth sailing. Most mothers who breastfed their baby believe that nursing has been difficult at the outset of feeding their baby.

If a mother feels that her baby is not getting enough milk, learn to gauge whether your baby is getting enough breast milk.

If the baby is struggling to latch on to the breast, get some advice for improving your baby’s latch. A Medela breast pump also comes in handy to express and bottle-feed to overcome this issue.

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Formula feeding challenges

Formula feeding has different challenges and many mothers face anxiety in this aspect.

Being unsure of which kind of formula is suitable is a problem and the best solution is to find out or get advice on the type of formula.

When a mother suspects the baby may be allergic to a formula, it is advisable to be cautious of the signs of formula allergy.

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Other feeding challenges

There are many other problems a new mother may encounter whether her baby is being breastfed or bottle-fed.
If a baby spits many times while feeding, find out why your baby is spitting up and the behaviour of normal spit-up of other babies.

If your baby has reflux, find out what causes the reflux and identify what is causing it and get it treated.
When a baby isn’t gaining weight, it can be tracked with the use of a growth chart calculator. Finding out more about not gaining weight could also be a solution.

Cleanliness of bottles and nipples could also be a difficult task and most mothers believe this is their first worst battle concerning bottle feeding.

  • Knowledge when a bottle or nipple needs to be changed
  • Usually, a bottle or nipple needs to be changed when a baby refuses to take a bottle.
  • Sleep Challenges

Putting your baby to sleep and stay asleep soundly is the biggest challenge for new parents.

When the parents are deprived of sleep and baby is up a lot at night, the best solution is to find advice on how to assist your baby in a good sleeping routine. Study when the baby can sleep at nighttime and try to get them to sleep longer in the morning. A hospital grade bassinet is a good option to keep a newborn baby snug and sleep soundly.

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Challenges for you

Most new mothers say lack of sleep is the most difficult part of having a newborn. They are exhausted most of the time due to lack of sleep.

The best solutions are learning ways and means to get more sleep, read and get knowledge about sleep aids for new parents and get advice on how to cope with sleep deprivation.

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