Top five things to look for in a breast pump

Breast pumps help busy mothers still satisfy their infants’ breast milk needs. They basically help you pump breast milk to be stored for later use. When you purchase a breast pump it is necessary to choose one that suits your pumping needs, such as how often and for how long you will be using the breast pump. It is advisable to purchase your breast pump after your baby is born.

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Pumps for mothers having trouble nursing

For mothers who may face difficulty breastfeeding the hospital-grade electric breast pump is the best option. Hospital-grade electric pumps are specially designed to bring in and maintain a mother’s milk supply. They are also sturdier than other electric pumps and will help you greatly in your situation.


There are two types of pumps according to the way they are powered; the electric or battery powered pumps and the manual pumps. The most convenient are the electric pumps which function automatically. If you are a working mother, hoping to pump every day it is very much convenient to own an electrically powered pump. It is also easier to have an electric pump that can be plugged rather than having to buy batteries for a battery powered one.

Speed of the pump

As we discussed the electric pump will be speedier than the manual pump. And purchasing a double electric pump will speed up the process even more, as it allows you to pump both breasts at the same time. However, it is important to seal one side when pumping only one breast to maintain suction.


The manual pumps are both more portable and cheaper but need more effort and time than electric pumps. The manual pump is suitable for stay at home mothers, who will only need the pump occasionally. The battery powered pumps too are cheaper than electric pumps with plugs but you may save more money in the long run from the electric pump than from the battery powered pump, which burns through batteries.

Sizes and Durability

Breast pumps come with different sized breast shields. It is important to check which size fits you. If you feel like your breasts are still full after pumping or have sore or damaged nipples after feeding, then you may need to change your shield to a different shield size.

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It is also advisable to purchase your breast pump from a trustable and reputable service, which offers a warranty period, to ensure its durability and safety. It is not advisable to buy or borrow used breast pumps. And it is also important to purchase breast pump cleaning equipment for safety and convenience of usage.

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