The first impression of a new mom is like she may not have much work at home but this is not true as she definitely has a lot of work. Initially, new moms cannot usually do much in between changing, feeding and taking care of the baby. However, most moms look after the needs of the house, attend to newborn’s and husband’s work which is not an easy task. So, it becomes important to pamper the new mom and keep her happy and boost her morale

The best gifts for new moms could be something that can be used to de-stress while taking care of a baby to have an easy and comfortable life.

Gift Basket of Lavender Spa Bath and Body Set

A gift that would be most appreciated is a set of bath and body which helps moms to have peace and enjoy a few quiet moments in their own bathroom. You may also select a set that includes hot chocolate, cookies, and tea.
These baskets come in various scents and whatever chosen scent, will definitely help a mom to get the most refreshing, rejuvenating and relaxing baths in her life.
Although it is a little pricey, it is guaranteed that the receiver of the gift will love it.


This equipment will help a new mom to get some quality time for herself. The baby could be put to sleep snuggly in the bassinet after a bath and feed. ILS babycare in Australia have bassinets on hire or rent for a minimum period of 4 weeks from their stores. Delivery and collection could be arranged with cost according to location and size of the item.

ILS BabyCare Safe Sleeping Tips Hospital Grade Bassinet Hires

Medela Pump

Although a new mom’s aim is to give her child the best start in life by breastfeeding and giving the many nutritional, immunological and cognitive benefits found in human milk, sometimes it is not possible due to ill-health or various other issues. The best alternate plan is to pump the breastmilk and feed the expressed milk to the baby from a bottle. This way mom is relieved and satisfied when the baby gets the best nourishment and all the wonderful goodness of breastmilk. Medela breast pumps are available at ILS BABYCARE for hire for a nominal price.


Nursing Cover

A nursing cover can discreetly cover the breast of a feeding mom without exposing too much. Whenever you feel like going outdoors and need to feed your baby this comes in handy. It usually comes in breathable fabric and prevents baby from being suffocated when inside it. In addition to using as a nursing cover, it could also be used as an infinity scarf so that moms can look fashionable and cool instead of having that ‘mom look”.

Travel System

A travel system will get you more mileage. This is very important when you travel with the little one in the backseat and when you have to get off the vehicle to run an errand and find the baby fast asleep. The travel system comes in handy here as you can slide baby’s car seat out of its base and quietly snap it in place quickly on the stroller. It can also be changed to carriage mode, discarding the idea of requiring an additional bassinet attachment.

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