Top 5 Activities To Keep Your Baby Busy This Summer

Life with a baby has its perks as well as challenges. Perks involve the love and adoration you receive from your newborn. Challenges can involve multiple things such giving the proper nourishment to baby proofing the living space so that the baby does not run into any danger whilst crawling. Another challenge is keeping the baby occupied with tasks which keeps him or her from becoming reckless plus assists their brain development in a positive manner.

Activity number one

The best way to spend time with a baby is by talking to him or her. Babies are attracted to their parent’s voices and will spend hours listening to them. To make it interesting for them you can either sing or read to them. Singing and reading to them is also an effective way to put them to bed as it will calm them down. You can easily find children’s story books with colorful pages that will attract them.


Activity number two

You can make story time interesting with some role play or mini drama. Babies love it when you act silly from playing peek-a-boo to other forms of merriment. You can also use colorful puppets to act out a story. This will keep them entertained for hours.

Activity number three

Taking the baby on a picnic is a good way to introduce the baby to nature. It will give both the parent and the baby an opportunity has some fresh air. It will also give you plenty of distractions to feed the baby. However, if the baby is not on solid foods it is better to pre-pump some breast milk with the use of a breast pump to save yourself any inconvenience. The Medela breast pump offers you the most natural experience for you pump breast milk and you can store it in a cooler for later use. This is very handy when you go out in the public with your baby.

Portrait of kids resting on the beach in summer

Activity number four

Another way to keep your baby entertained is by taking them out to see the zoo or the beach. Babies adore animals so the zoo is a good place to start encouraging them to love and feel compassion for animals. A beach is a good place for the babies to romp around in the sand. The sea breeze will also make them healthier.

Activity number five

Finally, you can arrange play dates with other babies when your baby is comfortably crawling. You can provide them with harmless and toys that are big in size so that they cannot swallow them to keep themselves entertained. There are big plastic shapes that they can arrange in order plenty of other toys that are safe for toddlers to play with. Bright color and shapes are known to be good for the baby’s development. Toddlers can get pretty distracted by bright colored objects as well and this can allow the parents a moment to catch their breath as well. However, an adult should always be around to supervise.

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