Things You Can Do While Nursing or Bottle-Feeding Your Baby

When you become a mom you will find that most of your time will be spent on feeding the little one. You will have to be feeding him or her every couple of hours which will not leave much room for you to do everything you want to do with your time. Therefore, the best way to face this situation is using that time to actually multitask.

If you look closely there are a lot of things you can do while your little one is either nursing or being bottle fed. You can even follow these activities while you are using the Medela breast pump too.

Sing or Talk with the Baby

It is always important to let the baby hear your voice. Though they may not start speaking quite soon if you speak or sing to them, they will get used to hearing your voice. That is a good thing too. You can just talk about your day or sing a few lines from a song or even read a book aloud so that the baby can hear you.


Watch TV or Read a Book

You can also invest your time to get some entertainment. You can spend it to either watch the television or read a book. Both will not disturb the baby with his or her feeding.


While your baby is getting his or her tummy filled as the mommy you also deserve a chance to eat something delicious ( and healthy) too. Some nursing mothers can feel extra hungry. Even if that is not the case with a baby to look after your meal times can always get messed up. So, try to use the time you are feeding your little one, try snack on something too.

Keep in Touch with Others

This is always going to be a good time to get in touch with your friends and even some work related matters if there is urgency. With your smartphone, you can easily text or call or send an email to anyone who has contacted you or whom you want to contact.

Shop All You Want

As long as all your electronics are charged you can use the time to invest in shopping for the items you want to get. Maybe it is groceries. Perhaps it is some clothes for the baby or yourself or even for your husband. You can use that time to go through shopping websites you normally visit and order what you really need.

With many options at hand, you can now multitask while feeding your baby. No longer do you have to stay seated wondering what to do. This multitasking will help you to take a break while the little one is properly fed.

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