The Importance of Breastfeeding Your Newborn

We all have heard the advice at one point or at a couple of points during our pregnancy that we should breastfeed our newborn. However, most of us do not get an explanation as for why we should do that when there are so many other options in the market.

It is actually quite important to breastfeed your newborn. That is why even devices such as the Medela breast pump has been created by professionals and experts to help you achieve this goal. Some of the most important reasons for breastfeeding your newborn are mentioned here.

For Your Child’s Health

Firstly, your milk is not just a meal for your baby. It is also a protection that you are giving him or her against a number of diseases and conditions. Researchers say that this action of giving milk to your baby can have long-lasting effects on the health of the child too. Your milk can protect him or her from diseases such as infections, vomiting, and obesity. This means you will have to pay fewer visits to the hospital.


A Meal that is Always There for the Baby

Your milk is something that is going to be there for the baby all the time. If you are opting to give formula milk, you will have to spend time preparing it and then getting the right temperature so that the baby can drink it. However, with your milk, there is no waiting time or preparation time as it is there with you always.

Good for Your Health

Choosing to give your baby your milk can also bring health benefits to you. This can lower your risk of having breast or ovarian cancer, obesity, osteoporosis, etc. Therefore, it is beneficial for you too.

However, though this method of feeding your baby seems to carry so many benefits some of us do not get to feed them as much as we want to because of some problems. Sometimes, you may not get enough milk to give to the baby. Sometimes, your baby can be premature which makes it hard or impossible for the baby to reach your breasts and drink milk. However, these problems cannot stop you from giving your milk to your little one because there is now a solution for it.

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Keeping these facts in mind, go ahead and breastfeed your newborn. If you encounter any problems as we have discussed you can always hire a breast pump and make sure your newborn is nourished right.


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