The breast pump you always wanted and how to carry it

A breast pump is a must for working mothers who cannot find time or place to breastfeed your baby. It is also helpful for first-time mothers who are having trouble breastfeeding to increase their milk supply. As breast milk is a necessary part an infant’s development, you must do all in your power to provide it to your baby. A breast pump will make it more convenient for you to pump milk and store to feed your baby at any time or place and you can even let friends and family feed the baby for a change. Breast pumps come in packs with all the necessary equipment parts so it will not be an extra hassle.

Selecting a breast pump

You can hire or buy durable and dependable breast pumps at ILS BabyCare. ILS BabyCare only supplies the best Medela breast pumps. Medela Breastpumps are guaranteed to be practical, efficient, safe, flexible and convenient. The Medela Symphony developed by Medela in partnership with the University of Western Australia, is a unique breast pump. Some mothers may face a bit difficulty using a breast pump due to its technicality or any other reason. However, the Symphony provides the best solution; it imitates a baby’s sucking motion. The emotional closeness and relationship between mother and baby during breastfeeding is a very special one which is hard to replace. However, the Symphony comes close and provides you with that natural feeling to make you more comfortable during breast pumping. So it is the dream breast pump to have!

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Breastpump Accessories

There are certain accessories that are offered alongside the Medela breast pump that makes your life even easier. These include breast pump cleaning kits that you need to keep your breast pump clean and infection free. There are also breast pump bags, both side bags, and backpacks that you can you to carry your breast pump to work or for outings. It is necessary to have a reliable breast pump bag to ensure that the breast pump is safe and also to make sure you have packed all the parts and components that you will need breast pumping outside of home.


Medela breast pump bags

Medela Symphony Breast Pump Unit comes with a plastic bottle stand and an AC lead and a carry case. You can also purchase a breast pump bag sets from Medela if you are in any way not satisfied with the one supplied. Medela breast pump bag set comes with a complete pump in style advanced double pumping kit and a spare cooler with a contoured ice pack. You can decide whether you want a side pack or backpack as well. If you prefer backpacks you could purchase the stylish microfiber bag which is a backpack with the built-in pump that holds everything you need to pump. This by far is the most convenient and reliable, so it will be a great purchase, especially for a full-time “breast pumping” mom.


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