Preparing For Arrival Of Twins

Parents expecting twins have a lot of preparations to do before the much looked forward babies arrive. However, in contrary to expecting a single baby, they will have to arrange their homes and items required for the babies earlier than usual. Having twins especially for the first time is going to be little too costly and may run you out of budget since everything is going to be in double digits.

It is advisable for parents to be practical and purchase requirements in bulk as the products are cheaper when it’s bought by the case. Non-perishables could be bought and stocked for 3 or 4 months to avoid weekly shopping time.

Early decisions

Is it advisable to decide in advance on the usage of one room or two? Whether babies are to be clad in similar clothing, side by side or front-back strollers, breast or bottle feeding, cloth or disposable diapers.

Baby Room

If you intend to have separate bedrooms for your twins, purchase of two cribs, two sets of sheets, bumpers, and other necessities that go with a nursery are necessary. You will also have to decide whether you need to purchase a single changing table or two, along with a separate stock of diapers, wipes, and ointments in each room.


Similar/Coordinated Clothes

Sometimes, although you may not know the gender of your twins, you are very likely to buy lots of coordinated or similar clothes before they are born. When buying basic clothing it is advisable to decide the nature of your babies clothing as per your budget.

Breast/Bottle Feeding

If you intend to breastfeed your babies, you may probably need to spend some money in purchasing twin breast pumps and cushions specially designed to support nursing of twins at the same time. Twin breast pumps are ideal as it is less time consuming and the function of dual pumping speeds up production of milk which produces a hormone that enhances more breast milk.

If you don’t intend to breastfeed, double the quantity of bottles than the normal requirement will have to be purchased.



The stroller is an essential item in any parents’ life. This too could be purchased as per your budget and lifestyle. Those who cannot afford a double stroller could opt for single umbrella strollers and fasten them together with specially fitted equipment.

Baby Seats

Baby seats are very convenient and safe when traveling.  It can also be used as baby seats in the house and easy to pick up by the two handles rather than carry two babies.



Newborns could share a crib as they are used to sharing space in the womb. But as they get bigger and roll into each other and interrupt each other’s sleep, it will be time to transfer them into separate cribs. This too could be purchased as per your budget. Either two cribs or a large crib with dividers.


Since babies outgrow their diaper size soon, it is advisable to gauge the weekly usage and stock according to size.

Once all the above necessities are sorted out, it is advisable to have the basic requirements ready as most of the time twins arrive earlier than single births

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Ross Wallace