ILS Babycare Services

ILS Babycare is a division of the ILS Group and is dedicated to offering rental services to new parents to make life easier for them. The services offered to our customers involve a helping tend to a newborns’ core necessities such as nutrients and sleep. These include the likes of hospital grade breast pumps and bassinets as well as rentals for bedwetting alarm systems for the older kids. What stands out about the baby care rentals is that the hospital grade breast pumps and bassinets are not easily available in the market due to the high cost of purchasing them outright. Therefore, by making them available for hire on a weekly basis, parents can ensure that their life is made easier by facilitating them with products that are recommended by maternity wards and hospitals.

Medela Symphony Hospital Grade Breast Pump Rental

The Medela Symphony is one of the best breast pumps in the market today, and is greatly received due to its unique symphony sucking motion that mimics the natural sucking motion of a baby. The breast pump which was created in partnership with the University of Western Australia after years of research and tests, is not only a practical choice for mothers with its double pumping kit but also safe to use with it’s personal fit breast shields. Each breast pump rental requires you purchasing the double kit, which includes the personal fit shield for safety and hygienic reasons.


Hospital Grade Baby Bassinet Hires

Hospital grade baby bassinets are those used in hospital maternity wards with the clear Perspex sides that can be wheeled. They will be the first place your baby will sleep in at the hospital once born and wheeled right to your bedside for ease and convenience during the first few days after giving birth. You may find during this time how truly convenient having a co-sleeping option can be, especially when the clear sides allows you to see your baby without disruption and being able to wheel it around with you. Being able to take home the same convenience for the first couple of weeks or months can be something new parents definitely find useful whilst you adapt and learn how to tend to  your newborn. Hospital grade baby bassinet rentals through ILS Babycare not only helps you facilitate co-sleeping, but the bassinet on wheels can also be used for bathing and leisure. This includes having the baby join you in other rooms apart from the bedroom while you are doing chores.


Bedwetting Treatment Alarm Rentals

The Ramsay Coote Bedwetting treatment alarm is great for helping toddlers or older kids with night time bedwetting issues. The alarm includes a mat and alarm system that is triggered when the mat is wet, where the kid will be woken up to the sound of the alarm. This tells the kids that when they accidently release their bladder during the night, an alarm will go off causing them to wake up. The point is to teach the brain that when the urge to pee comes about, the child will be able to wake up on their own and visit the bathroom before wetting the bed.

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