How To Toilet Train Your Child

Toilet training a child is quite a tricky ordeal that every parent must deal with. It is an important development in terms of the child growth and wellbeing. It is also a gradual process where the parents must train and assist the child in using the potty, until he or she is able to completely attend to their toilet when the necessity is felt. The success of it usually depends on the persistence of the parent. However, bladder control may come late to many, especially bladder control during sleep.

Bedwetting as an issue

Bedwetting is a common problem among toddler however most children gain bladder control by the time they are five or seven. But statistics show that about five percent of the children continue to wet their beds at the age of ten. This can affect the child’s mentality in a negative manner which can affect his or her healthy growth. Some may not consider bedwetting to be a pressing issue but the continuance of it should be given attention. Bedwetting causes must be diagnosed to treat it accurately. Sometimes bedwetting can occur due to other diseases such as urine infections. If such cases are diagnosed proper medical attention can get rid of the problem. Bedwetting can also occur due to psychological factors such as stress at home, school or bullying. In such cases, the root problem must be addressed by the parents to relieve the child from this unhealthy stresses. Healthy conversations must take place between the parent and child. A child psychologist can also be helpful for the child to confide in. You can also train your child to control his or her bladder.

Bedwetting treatment

The Ramsey Coote Bedwetting system now provides the perfect opportunity to teach children how to bladder control making them able to control their bedwetting. It is widely recognized by many health care providers to be reliable. It consists of simple rubber mat which is to be placed on the mattress and connected with a bedside alarm with a wire. When the child wets the alarm will go off waking the child in time to attend to the toilet. The child should be instructed to turn off the alarm on his way to the toilet. The switch to turn off the alarm is shown with a light. The system records the time it takes the child to turn off the alarm each time so you can monitor the child’s progress. In a few weeks’ time, the child will learn to get up when the need to urinate is felt. You should also encourage the child with positive feedback. The Ramsey Coote bedwetting alarm has been proven to be successful through multiple types of research so you can entrust your child’s toilet training to it.


Hiring a Ramsey Coote bedwetting alarm

It is easily booked by filling a short online form and delivery and collection can also be arranged online. After you book online BabyCare will contact you about the booking. If you are living in Sydney you can order and receive your alarm system within one day. This is a step towards your child’s development so there is always the need to hurry and hire your own bedwetting alarm system now.

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