How to nurse in public

New mothers are fully aware of how important breast milk is for their baby’s growth. So as a new mother you may always try to give your baby breast milk at every opportunity, at least for the first six-month duration that is necessary. However, there are hardships that you may face during breastfeeding such as discomfort in breastfeeding in the public; maybe while you are at work or on an outing. Some may feel a bit uncomfortable to nurse in public due to a certain sense of social stigma against it or any other reason. However, it is important to know that breastfeeding in public is completely acceptable and a noble action and one should never be ashamed of extending such loving moment towards their baby.


How to make it easier

There are many things you can do to make breastfeeding in public more convenient. It is easier to wear clothes with nursing slits or two piece clothes. There are many stylish tops that have slits to nurse and even underwear with slits that one could wear to conveniently breastfeed your baby outside. Two piece blouses can be raised when you want to breastfeed but the extra fabric underneath will cover the top of your breasts. There are dresses with slits as well that you can wear to outings. Carrying a blanket will help as well especially in cold weather to cover you and the baby. If you have to breastfeed in an open place or a shopping mall it is best to find a comfortable place like a bench to sit. You can even find a dressing room or a restroom close by if a bench is not available.  It is also good to make your own private space by turning your back to where there are people. Baby slings are supposed to be the most convenient in terms of breastfeeding and you can even breastfeed while you are walking. These things are going to be necessary when you are adapting to the busy life of having a newborn and handling other tasks of your life.

Breast Pumping

If it is still difficult it may be convenient to access a breast pump so that you can pump breast milk earlier before leaving home and carry it in a cooler inside your baby bag to feed your baby when needed. This way even another member of the family can feed the baby letting them experience the beauty of nourishing the baby. It is the easiest way to breastfeed the baby in public space. You can stop being self-aware and feed your baby in comfort and relaxation that will afford you and the baby opportunity to enjoy it. You can easily hire or purchase the breast pump of your need at ILS Babycare; especially the Medela breast pump will allow you to efficiently pump and at the same time feeling natural as it imitates a baby’s sucking motion.


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