How to Calm a Fussy Baby at a Wedding

If you are new to parenting with a new baby, your life right now may seem like a whole new chapter. There are many changes to be made and new things to be learned as a new parent. But it is also a very beautiful task that you are engaged in, in nurturing a baby and it is uniquely rewarding to watch your baby grow. However, during this period of your life facing social interactions might a little bit hectic. Participating in social events, especially weddings with a baby in tow may seem too difficult and something you may feel like avoiding at first. But you need not fear or worry, with proper preparations you can face a wedding like any other day and what is more it could be a wonderful opportunity to dress up your baby and show him or her to the relatives.

Pack all you need

An important thing to do before you attend a wedding is to pack everything you may need for the baby. This may include extra set of clothing for the baby, baby pram, baby food and breast milk, a blanket and whatever else that may soothe your baby including his/her pacifier and favorite toy. It is also equally good to make sure that he or she is dressed in comfortable clothing even though you may want to go with a fancy theme. Also, make sure they are not wearing uncomfortable accessories that could upset them. As a parent, you too should also be dressed as comfortable as possible as not to tire yourself up. So it is good to avoid high heels and heavy accessories that might get tangled.


It is all about distraction

When you are at the wedding it is good to keep your baby distracted to make sure he or she does not feel neglected by the specialty of the occasion. There will be plenty of colorful decorations, guests and relatives and noises from bands to keep him or her occupied. But make sure to keep talking to the baby in a soothing voice to make sure that he or she does not get overwhelmed by the whole thing. If he or she gets a bit agitated it is okay to walk outside for a breath of fresh air but make sure you do not stay outside a long time.

Make sure he/she is fed

Make sure you feed the baby at the appropriate time when he or she gets hungry. If your baby is still feeding on breast milk, it is easy for you to carry pre-pumped breast milk in a cooler. You can use a breast pump at home to pump milk at your convenience. The Medela breast pump is very suitable for this purpose. After the baby is fed you can put him or her to sleep with the help of the pacifier or a toy, buying you some time to mix with the wedding crowd and have some fun of your own.

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Ross Wallace