Choosing to breastfeed your baby could probably be the best decision taken by you as it is considered to be the healthiest and best food for a baby. As per recommendations made by The National Health and Medical Research Council, a baby should have only breast milk for the first six months from birth. However, it is also recommended to continue breastfeeding even after a baby has started on solid foods, until completion of one year and beyond, as long as you and your baby prefer it that way.

Continuation of breastfeeding even after the introduction of solid foods could probably benefit a baby’s immune system. A breastfed baby is also less likely to contact coeliac disease and type 1 diabetes.

Most mothers intend to breastfeed for approximately three to twelve months and some prefer to continue past the first year. It all depends on each individual’s preference and how they feel about it.

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Breast milk is considered as a complete food for babies as it contains at least 400 nutrients, hormones and compounds to fight disease. Its nutritional value adjusts to your baby’s requirements as she grows.

Breastfeeding your baby exclusively up to six months is specifically good for a baby as it assists in improving their cognitive development. Hence, being breastfed could probably make them more intelligent. Exclusively breastfed babies from birth are unlikely to fall ill in the first year of life.

Preparation for breastfeeding

Make every effort to stay healthy in order to brace your body for breastfeeding. Further, reading and gaining sufficient knowledge about breastfeeding before giving birth will be of great help at the correct time. Encouraging a baby’s father to acquire some knowledge on breastfeeding will culminate in him being ready to support the mother when the time comes.

Easy Breastfeeding

Although few mothers find breast feeding easy, most of them find it difficult to get started. It is better to counsel a breastfeeding counsellor or lactation consultant in the event of encountering any issue in this task. These professionals are capable of suggesting ways of making breastfeeding easy for you.

Everything needs time to master and practice makes it perfect and by the time your postnatal checkup is due all issues pertaining to breastfeeding may have passed and your baby and you are most likely to be comfortable with each other and settled to the routine of breastfeeding.

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How should a working mother breastfeed

Working mothers do not have to stop breastfeeding if they intend going back to work. The invention of breast pumps has made it possible to express and store the milk for later use. It is also recommended to inform your employee in writing and adjust working hours to be compatible with your feeding schedule.

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