Hospital Grade Bassinets and its Benefits

The time is drawing nearer and nearer to welcome the little bundle of joy into your lives. You’re making all the arrangements to prepare your home for his or her arrival. This time may be a little stressful as the clock is ticking and sometimes there’s just not enough time to get everything ready, such as getting a baby cot and a bath tub. Often hiring a hospital grade bassinet instead of a baby cot and bath tub for the first few weeks or month until the baby is settled is a good choice. Hospital grade bassinets are ideal as they offer new parents many benefits! Making sure the baby is able to sleep comfortably in a safe environment nearby also offers the new mother and father peace of mind.

What is a Hospital Grade Bassinet?

A hospital grade bassinet is a clear acrylic bassinet capsule that can be wheeled and stationed alongside your bed. The clear bassinet sits on top of a stainless steel frame trolley, which is fitted with wheels and lockable brakes. This mechanism will lock into place and not rock the unit, thus you are assured that your baby will be sleeping right by your side. These hospital grade bassinets offer multipurpose features as it also doubles up as a bathing unit when the mattress is removed, or as a changing table. The shelving unit allows you to store items such as diapers, clothes and baby toiletries too.

What are the Benefits of Choosing a Hospital Grade Bassinet?

There are many benefits for selecting a hospital grade bassinet over a baby crib/cot. One of the most obvious being that they are made to hospital specifications, therefore you know that many leading maternity units across Australia trust them making it a great choice for your little one.

The multi-functional options where you are able to use the bassinet for sleeping, bathing or even as a changing table makes it a convenient choice without overspending on different baby items.  If you are looking to bathe your little one, simply remove the mattress and fill it with water. When you’re done, simply empty the water, rinse with mild soap and pat dry before setting the mattress back in place.

The clear bassinet allows you to keep an eye on the little one especially during the night without the need to get out of bed. These hospital grade bassinets are small in size, which is ideal if you are not working with a lot of space in your room and want to have your little one sleep in the same environment. This is a good idea as it lets you keep an eye on the little one thus not exposing him/her to health risks often found with cribs places in other rooms.

The bassinet can also be wheeled into other rooms. If you are a busy mom, you can wheel the baby’s bassinet to your choice of room and keep an eye on your baby while you work and tend to your chores.

Hospital Grade Bassinet Rentals

At ILS BabyCare, we offer you the option of hiring a hospital grade bassinet for your use as you get yourself situated at home. Prior to renting the bassinets, our team will clean and sanitise each bassinet with hospital grade disinfectants to ensure each rental is hygienic. This is a much more cost-effective choice of baby furniture as you are able to use it for multiple uses. Call us on 1300 008 26 or visit the ILS Baby Care website online to make your booking.

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