First birthday themes for baby

A baby’s first birthday can be a very celebratory moment for young parents. You may want to make it a warm and loving family occasion and a memorable moment to capture for the rest of your lives. However, it is also important not to get carried away with the party since at the age of one your baby will be still scared of new faces and too much of noise. So a low-key party with the closest family and friends would be more suitable to make your baby feel loved and included in the celebration.


Since babies enjoy colours it is good to make the hall decorations as colourful as possible. However, since they may fear the pop of the balloons it may be good to avoid them for a couple of years.

Disney Themes!

Disney themes are the most mainstream of all cartoon and animated themes. Disney princess themes can be used including The Little Mermaid, Snow White, Jasmine or the most recent one Frozen. If using little mermaid for example you can decorate the hall with a lot of blue colour and fish to look like an ocean. Frozen could feature paper ice crystals and the image of Olaf. Lion King and Madagascar can also be used as themes, especially if your baby is an animal lover.

Cartoon Themes

Other cartoon themes can also allow you to colorfully decorate your party. SpongeBob Squarepants, Pooh, Sesame Street, Despicable Me, Dora & Friends and Barney are all potential themes that can be used for this. It will be nice to have someone dressed up in one of these characters but only if the baby does not seem to be scared by them.

Dress the baby according to the theme

You can dress the baby according to the theme. If it is princess theme for a girl you can dress your baby girl in a gorgeous dress at least for the photographs at the beginning. For a baby boy too you can dress them in a smart outfit of a prince.

Toys for the occasion

Also remember that babies of this age tend to play next to each other, rather than together. So lay out plenty of safe toys for all the little ones to play with together on a mat. Soft toys matching with the theme will be very useful.

Food and refreshment

You can use colour-coordinated plates and serviettes. Be mindful provide healthy finger foods and dips that babies and adults alike would enjoy eating rather than foods that your baby has either never eaten before or would not be any good for them. Having a breast pump in hand is essential during the party as the baby will need breast milk as well. It is easier if you pump breast milk before the party and store it in the fridge to be heated when needed, as that will save you any hassle during the party.

ILS BabyCare Expressing Breast Milk Feeding

With proper preparation you will be able you enjoy the party with your baby, and make sure to take plenty of photos!

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