Easy guide to hiring a bed wetting alarm

Bedwetting is a common problem among young children. Most children gain bladder control by the age of five but there are some cases where children may continue to wet their beds until the age of ten. There could be many reasons for this continued bedwetting including physical factors like urine infections and psychological factors like stress at school or bullying. It is good to talk openly with the child to determine the cause of bed-wetting and the Ramsey Coote Bedwetting alarm will be very helpful to help him or her learn bladder control.

What is the Ramsey Coote Bedwetting Alarm?

The Ramsey Coote Bedwetting alarm system has been proven to give results by researchers conducted in many institutions including the Ballarat Health Services, Royal Children’s Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University. It is also widely prescribed by health care professionals as a treatment for bedwetting. So you need not worry about the reliability of the alarm, and you may even consult the child’s pediatrician about it. It consists simply of a rubber mat that is to be placed under the sheet of the child’s bed and a bedtime alarm system that should be placed on the bedside table.

How the Ramsey Coote Bedwetting alarm works

The working of the alarm system is pretty simple. The rubber mat which is placed on the child’s bed is urine sensitive and is connected to the bedside alarm. So when the child urinates the bedside alarm is triggered waking up the child to attend to the bathroom. The child should be taught to switch off the alarm on the way to the bathroom. The place where the alarm is indicated with a light. The alarm has an inbuilt counter which shows how long it takes the child to switch it off the each time, so you can monitor the child’s process. Meantime the mattress is also protected by the rubber mattress which prevents the urine from seeping down. After a few weeks, the child will learn to wake up and attend to the washroom without the aid of the alarm.


How to rent a bedwetting alarm

Since bedwetting problems are short termed it makes more sense to rent than purchase an alarm system.  You can hire Ramsey Coote Bedwetting alarms now through the Independent Living Specialists, Baby Care page. If you are living in Sydney you can hire one with a willing of a short form and the machine will be delivered to your doorstep the next day. Delivery and pickup can be arranged where else too and you will be billed up front in a two-week cycle.

Hire one now!

Don’t waste time, hire one now to ensure that your child’s bedwetting problems are cured once and for all. It will be a relief to you and boost the child’s self-confidence. But make sure to talk him or her through the instructions properly with word

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