Breastfeeding could appear to be a difficult task for anyone, but certain breastfeeding positions are helpful to get you off to a good start.

Although breastfeeding is an accustomed action, it doesn’t mean it is routine. At times, it takes a little while, practice, trial and error procedure to fall into a smooth sailing breastfeeding routine. From the day baby is born you have to endure patience and grit to start with. Usually, it takes about 20 to 30 minutes for a healthy newborn’s instinct to have that first feed after being born. Therefore, the baby has to be there beside you to drink up your colostrum which is the nutrient-packed first milk expressed after delivery of a baby.

Before you are discharged from the hospital, it is advisable to take full advantage of the nurses and lactation consultants who are the best persons to assist you and baby latch perfectly and also help you to discover the best newborn breastfeeding positions for both of you.

Mother breastfeeding her baby


Firstly, ways of breastfeeding positions are neither right nor wrong: The best and correct way of breastfeeding is being comfortably positioned in a way that is good for baby and mom. Further, with the growth of a baby, the breastfeeding positions will also keep changing based on how comfortable baby and mother feel.

Football Hold

This is one of the first holds a mom learns after giving birth. It is also called as a clutch hold. A baby is put snuggly under your arm off to the side and held with one arm while your breast is supported by the other arm. If you want the baby to latch onto the right breast, tuck baby on the right side and support baby with your left hand.


This is an in-bed breastfeeding position. It is lying down on your side with baby facing you. Some mothers find it easy to latch baby while seated and slowly lying down until the baby gets used to this position. A breastfeeding pillow or towel rolled up could be placed behind baby to support the back.


Cross-cradle hold is one of the most preferred breastfeeding positions of new mothers. Since the baby is enclosed across your body, it is easy to see the latching reactions. Using the cross-cradle hold is by placing the baby across your body, tummy to tummy, and if the baby is nursing on your left side, hold baby by supporting his neck with your right arm and support breast with your left hand. Most mothers use a breastfeeding pillow in this position for more comfort. This is also considered the best position for bottle-feeding as well.

Breastfeeding position for sore nipples

Initially, it’s natural to feel a little discomfort when you start breastfeeding. However, there isn’t any position suitable for sore nipples. Usually, mothers feel a pinching sensation that lasts a few seconds and if that feeling does not go away immediately or it continues to be sore 3 weeks after childbirth, it is time to consult a lactation specialist as there could be an issue with baby’s latch.

Positions after Cesarean

Those recovering from a C-section should find a position that will not affect your surgical scar. The best two positions recommended for moms who have undergone C-section are the football and side lying positions.


Position for breastfeeding twins

Although breastfeeding twin babies together is bound to be difficult and stressful, at the beginning, it is advisable to breastfeed each baby separately. However, when you are confident of feeding them together, the double football hold and double cradle hold are the best and easy positions to adapt.

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