Can First Year Breastfeeding Help With C-section Pain ?

There are many advantages to both you and baby from breastfeeding. Baby will not have any digestive disorders while being breastfed. It has a healthy dosage of antibodies which can safeguard your baby from colds and infections and also reduce risks of asthma and allergies. Chances of you being affected by uterine or ovarian cancer are also minimal when breastfeeding. The best part of breastfeeding is that it provides an opportunity for mother and baby to bond.

Presently, a recent study has shown that breastfeeding for two months after having a C-section could lessen the lingering pain of the surgery.


Researched Study

183 new mothers who had undergone C-section between January 2015 to December 2016 were checked by Spanish researchers at Hospital Universitario Nuestra Senora de Valme. Mothers were interviewed about their breastfeeding routine and levels of pain at 24 hours, 72 hours and 4 months after surgery. They also studied other aspects that could have caused chronic pain which included levels of anxiety, education, and occupation of mother and surgical option used during the C-section.

Findings of the study

As per the research, 87% of the mothers were breastfeeding their babies and 58% had been breastfeeding for more than two months. The study also revealed that about 23% of the women who had breastfed for less than two months experienced lingering pain at the 4th-month mark in comparison to 8% of the women who had breastfed for over 2 months. Researchers also got to know that mothers with university education are less probable of experiencing chronic pain in comparison to mothers without degrees. Further, they also found out that around 54% of the breastfeeding mothers suffered from anxiety. As per their study, it has been researched that anxiety is seriously associated with chronic C-section pain. The study authors have written that their study will reveal women to encourage breastfeeding.


What it means for you

A new mother who is determined to breastfeed as soon as the surgical procedure should talk to your doctor about your requirement beforehand. Although most hospitals allow skin-to-skin contact, breastfeeding the baby depends on many aspects, which includes baby’s wellbeing and your recovery after the procedure.

Initially, you may find it difficult to move after your C-section as you have undergone a major surgery, but your nurse or partner could assist with the positioning.

New mothers do not have to worry about pain management as usually after surgery, your doctor will prescribe meds which are also safe to use while nursing.

Breastfeeding after C-section is definitely possible. However, it is better to understand that recovering physically after surgery takes a longer time than recovering from a normal delivery. Therefore, have a break on and off. Although you have a baby to look after, it is important to look after yourself too. Get maximum help from your near and dear ones to make your life easy and comfortable in the weeks to come.

 Breastfeeding positions

  • The most comfortable position, especially after surgery, is the side -lying position.
  • Supporting baby with a breastfeeding pillow called football hold.
  • Placing a normal or breastfeeding pillow on your lap and laying baby on top called cradle hold

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