Best Bedwetting Treatments and Solutions

Bedwetting or nocturnal incontinence can be an embarrassing experience for a kid though it is a common occurrence. If your child is over the age of five or six and if there is a bedwetting history in the family, it may be a possibility your child too faces this dilemma. Studies say that it is more common with boys than with girls, and something a kid outgrows by age 8.

First, note that you should not blame or punish the child for wetting their bed, as it will add pressure on the child, which may in turn make things worse. In addition, open discussions with your child may help them understand that it is a normal occurrence and help them through it. In addition, speaking to a paediatrician is also ideal where you can share with him or her about your child’s progress and even with suggestion on handling the situation. Some of our bedwetting treatment options and solutions can be found below.

Encourage Pre-Bedtime Bathroom Trips

By encouraging your child to empty their bladders before bedtime, it lowers the chances of them wetting the bed in their sleep. Also, do the same by simply carrying your sleeping child to bathroom and sitting them on the toilet to encourage them to go (often the sitting position can help them “go”). Whilst this is not necessarily a bedwetting solution, it is effective in keeping the bed dry.

Offer Incentives

An incentives plan can work in a subconscious level, where your child will get a sticker whenever he or she stays dry in the night. The incentive plan can work in a way that an X number of nights can equal a special treat. Positive enforcement is extremely effective but it should be noted that if the child wets their bed, you should avoid punishment or negativity.

Check for Constipation

A common cause for bladder problems, if your child is suffering from constipation the added pressure can cause bladder instability. This will not only cause nighttime accidents but also during the daytime. If this is the case, then you should increase their fluid and fibre intake to promote healthy bowel movements.

Hire a Bedwetting Treatments with an Alarm and Mat

One of the most effective bedwetting treatments, getting your child a bedwetting alarm and mat can help condition their minds to go to the bathroom. The mat is placed on top of the mattress, which is hooked onto the alarm. When your child wets the bed, the alarm goes off at which time you should encourage them to go to the bathroom. By doing this for a week or two, your child will learn there is a link between that feeling of “needing to go” and the alarm. You can now hire a bedwetting alarm solution from ILS Babycare.

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Invest In a Waterproof Mattress or Mattress Covers

Whilst you carry out all the above, a smart investment should be getting waterproof mattresses for your kid’s bed or alternative investing in some waterproof mattress covers.

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