Bedwetting Treatments from ILS Babycare

Part of parenting includes teaching your little ones various life lessons in life. As your little one gets older, while they are toddlers you may attempt to start potty training and thereafter to stop them from bedwetting. As potty training can be an easier lesson compared to that of night-time bedwetting, ILS Babycare has therefore launched its new hire product that includes Bedwetting treatments!

How is a Bedwetting Treatment different from Potty Training?

Potty training involves teaching your child that he or she should utilise the “potty” instead of going in their diapers thus keeping their diapers/nappies/underwear dry and clean. Over the course of a few weeks and possibly after many accidents, your child will be able to utilise the bathroom. However, while this is easier during the day, while your child is asleep, they may find it difficult to control their urges and end up wetting the bed. When it comes to bedwetting training during night-time, it is a bit more difficult. The medical term of bedwetting is nocturnal enuresis, which involves urinating in your sleep.

What Goes into Night-time Dryness?

To avoid bedwetting and to achieve night-time dryness, your child will need to be able to control their bladder when it is full while asleep. You will need for your nerve signals to mature when your bladder tells you that it is time to go “wee-wee.” This understanding and maturity can take time to finesse, where you are able to hold your need to urinate, wake up, and then go to the toilet to do the deed. There may be many nights where potty trained children may find themselves bedwetting. In order to make sure your bedwetting training succeeds you will need time, patience, and a few hire items to help things along to condition your mind to visit the potty instead of urinating in bed while asleep. While many choose training pants, you can condition your child in other ways. They will need a bedwetting treatment to understand what he or she needs to do when they have the urge to urinate in the night when sleeping. That is why the Ramsey Coote Bedwetting alarm is a great and successful tool to hire for your toddler bedwetting treatment and training.

What is the Bedwetting Treatment?

The ILS Babycare Bedwetting treatment hire includes the bedwetting pad and alarm by Ramsey Coote which is triggered when the pad is exposed to urine which then signals the alarm gives off a beep until the child turns it off. This conditions the child to recall that the beep comes on when he or she wets the bed. The alarm also records the time taken to turn off the alarm, where over the course of a week or a few, he or she will learn to wake and use the bathroom when the need to urinate is felt rather than wetting the bed, leading to a dry night. Despite there the possibility of accidents however, it should be continued until a few weeks of dry nights have passed to ensure greater success.


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