Bathing Your New Baby

For many new mums and dads, bathing a newborn can be a scary ordeal. Luckily, the nurses at the hospital can give you a few tips and guide you on how best to give your little baby a bath safely. The easiest way to bathe your baby is in a hospital baby bassinet.

The Convenience of Bathing Your Baby in a Hospital Baby Bassinet

Bathing your baby in this baby bassinet is easy due to the height being just perfect and the clear siding can help you gauge how much water there is. In addition, as it offers you the feature of being able have it at an elevated angle, you are assured that your baby is safe in the water. Another convenience of the baby bassinet for bathing is the shelves below the Perspex bassinet that can be used to keep the lotions, towels and other bathing essentials. The fact that you can wheel it also means that you can even bathe your baby in his or her room. Once your baby has been bathed and fed, you can later dispose of the bath water by simply wheeling it into the bathroom, thereafter putting in the mattress, and bedding to let your baby sleep!

Newborn Bathing Essentials

When it comes to bathing a newborn, apart from the baby bassinet or baby bathtub, you will need a few other bath time essentials. These include items that are mild or soft on the baby’s sensitive skin. Some suggestions include the following.

  • Shampoos, bubble bath & wash that are lightly scented or tear-free,
  • A corner hood towel made out of 100% cotton terry cloth to ensure your baby is warm and dry as soon as he or she is done with the bath
  • Floaters can be fun keep your baby’s head up in the event you do not have a tilt
  • Hot Safety Disc that lets you know whether the water is too hot. This is ideal if you choose to place the tub under the faucet. The Munchkin safety bath duck is also a fun and ideal alternative
  • If you are choosing to go with a baby bathtub inside your own, you can choose a cute spout cover. We favour the Moby or Yellow Rubber Ducky
  • Head to toe baby lotion that is mild on the skin

An Alternative to Bathing your Newborn

Whilst giving your newborn a bath is essential to hygiene it is also a great way of bonding, as it requires complete attention and tenderness. It is also good to know that whilst some babies love the water, some do not. If your baby is not comfortable with being a pool of water, then consider these the following alternative. Primarily, the room temperature must be comfortable and warm enough so that when your little one is undressed, he or she may not shiver. Ready a lukewarm bowl of water and place all the necessary bathing essentials close by including cotton wool balls and a towel laid out on the baby bassinet. What you will be doing is first “Topping” and then “Tailing” your baby clean. Topping essentially means washing your baby’s face, neck, and hands starting with cleaning your baby’s eye. You should lightly dab the cotton wool in the warm water and squeeze the water out before gently sweeping the wool across your baby’s eye (from the tear ducts to the side of his/her face). Keep using a new piece of cotton wool without reusing. Make sure to wipe behind the ears (but not inside) and the neck creases, which can accumulate sweat and dirt. Tailing involves cleaning the bottom part of your baby and you should clean the creases of the body and use a liquid baby cleanser or even an unscented baby wipe to clean her genitals. Once you have gently cleaned the rest the body, pat your baby dry and apply body lotion. Do not forget to cuddle!

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