Bath Safety for your Newborn

As a new mom (or dad), you may find that your are anxious about the safety of your newborn, and that is perfectly understandable. After all, your baby is precious and proper care should be taken with the bundle of joy to ensure that he or she grows up healthy and without harm.  One of the most common worries found amongst new parents would be bath safety. Today, we look into some tips and insights into making sure your baby’s bath time is stress-free!

When you want to bathe your baby safely, make sure to keep these baby care safety tips in mind.

Be Prepared

  • Make sure you prepare yourself before you take your little one for a bath. Making sure you everything at hand is important. This includes the likes of soap/bathing solution, towel, clean diaper, clean clothes and so forth. By having these close by, you are able to give your undivided attention to little one and you may never be tempted to leave him/her alone in the tub for you to go fetch something or even answer the doorbell. Keep in mind that your baby can drown even in one inch of water and leaving him/her alone should be completely avoided.
  • If you are using the tub, make sure that it’s family friendly with a rubber anti-slip mat and covers for the spout to avoid bumps. It should be noted that many new mothers look to the convenience of a hiring hospital grade bassinet that converts into comfortable and easy to use bath trolleys which has shelves for keeping the above-mentioned items and can also be elevated.

Make it Comfortable

  • Your baby’s bath should be at a comfortable temperature. Test the temperature of the bath water by placing some on your wrist or the inside of your elbow to decide whether the water is too warm)
  • Make sure that the bathroom is at a comfortable temperature too, preferably 23 Celsius degrees.
  • Make sure that you close off running water taps before putting your baby into the bath water. This is done to avoid a change in water temperature or to ensure that the bath water does not get too deep.
  • Make sure the bath water is only 2 to 4 inches deep.

Potentially Hazardous Instances

  • You should know that soap can at times dry your baby’s skin and the use of bubble bath lotion can irritate your baby’s urethra that could lead to urine infections.
  • Keep your baby away from the faucets.
  • Make sure that no electrical appliances are within reach.

The reason why many parents love the bath trolley idea is that the hospital grade bassinets that double up as a bath does not pose the risks mentioned above. Trusted by many maternity caregivers, the convenience of being at a comfortable height, having the option to elevate one side, having baby’s items within reach, and also being able to clearly see the depth of water from its Perspex sides, and many more reasons, hires for these bassinet cum baths are ever increasing. Hire your own through ILS Babycare today by simply filling out the booking form!

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Ross Wallace