Do you know what you should do when your baby wakes up crying at 3 am? Should you feed her? Pick her up and rock her or check on her and let her cry. Well, although we could be unsure, an infant sleep coach would definitely know the answer to that. These experts are well trained and it is their profession to help parents with proper plans by phone calls or staying overnight to get their babies into healthy routine patterns in their sleep.

However, even though these professionals are trained, their standard of knowledge generally differ from one another.


Creating a combined Show

Parents have to be united to get baby into a healthy sleep routine. Therefore, both parents have to come together with a plan that both can support.

In most instances, the father doesn’t like the idea of feeding baby to sleep while the mother feels deep inside her that the baby still needs to be fed at nighttime. So, the best solution is to set out an amicable plan for the betterment of your baby.

Responding to Baby’s sound promptly

It is important to know that every crying sound a baby makes at night does not necessarily indicate that baby needs to be fed or rocked.

Sometimes it could be due to the baby settling into sleep or being lightly crabbed. Touching and checking at this time could make things worse especially if the baby is fast asleep. It is best to check the video monitor if you have one to be sure of your baby’s crying pattern.

A baby’s cry due to true discomfort or pain can be identified by the continuous loud cry with no signs of quietening down.

Prevent Comparisons

Every baby differs from one another. Therefore, a routine that worked for another baby might not help your baby.

As per a recognized sleep-coaching service, the nature of every baby is studied in accordance with the parents’ lifestyle and character.

Sometimes, parents are coached while the baby is soothed back down as some babies need to have a parent close to them. Soothing is gradually spaced out until the baby eventually learns to self-sleep.

Sometimes parents are not required to stay as some babies are roused too much by their presence and they need to be on their own instead.


Bedtime Routine

Although it may sound silly to some, a bedtime routine is the best thing to start with a newborn. As advised by sleep experts, a healthy bedtime routine and naptime rituals can be created from the day baby is born.

During night time, dim the lights half to one hour before bedtime. Give your baby a bath and last feed of the day followed by a lullaby or bedtime story. Doing this routine daily every night is the easiest way to sleep train your baby.

Generally, newborn infants have to be near their mother and the best solution is to hire or buy a hospital grade bassinet.

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