A mum’s guide to traveling overseas with kids

Being a mum is a delightful task but to make parenting easy you to do some planning and preparation as with anything else in life. Same applies when you travel with children; especially overseas. You need not stress to travel with children; with some planning, you will be more than prepared to enjoy and safe and happy vacation.

Consult a Doctor

As a safety precaution it is always good to consult a doctor before you travel overseas with children; especially if the children are very young. Make sure the children’s vaccination records are straightforward and if they have any pre-conditions like asthma to get adequate advice and recommendation from the doctor about what needs to be done during an emergency.

Find Accommodation

It is always good to pre-book accommodation when you travel with children as you may face difficulty finding a good place when you get there with the children in tow. So prior to traveling it is advisable to do a bit of research about places that are suitable to stay and food options that may be available depending on where you want to go and what you want to see. Make sure you book a place that the children will enjoy staying in, preferably with a pool and play area for them and you to relax while you are not traveling. It will be useful to make a guide of all the places you want to visit while you are overseas and make sure to plan the amount of activities that is realistic to achieve per day without tiring the children and yourself.

Pack Everything!

The most important part of preparation is packing. You will have to pack clothes suitable for the climate of the region you are traveling to and all of the items that you or the children may need to travel. That can include baby prams, baby monitors, breast pumps, baby food, and drinks. You may have to refer to the restrictions in terms of carrying fluids on a flight; however, you will be able to carry the adequate amounts of baby food and juice in addition to what is provided by the flight.



Nourishment is a very important component in traveling to make sure that neither you nor the children fall ill during traveling. You will have to make sure that the children have enough fluids too, as change in climate can lead to dehydration and constipation. If you are with an infant it is important that her breast milk schedule does not change. You can always find a private place or a dressing room to breastfeed but using a breast pump will be more convenient as you can pre-pump milk and carry it in a mini-cooler to use whenever the baby is hungry.

With preparation and care, you will be able to enjoy the vacation in relaxation like any other person. Make sure to snap many photos get many souvenirs as possible for you and the children to remember and treasure.

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Ross Wallace