3 reasons why you need the Ramsey Bedwetting system at home

The Ramsey Bedwetting system is dedicated to helping children overcome their bedwetting problems. It is actually an alarm system consisting of a rubber mat that is placed under the bed which is connected by a wire to the bedside alarm unit. The mat is urine sensitive so the alarm goes off when the child wets the bed and it has a light that shows where it is so that he or she can switch it off on their way to the bathroom.

For the Wellbeing of the Child

Bedwetting till the age of five is actually considered fine as the child may not have developed bladder control till then. During the ages of five and seven most children develop bladder control and only a few continue to wet their beds. This could be due to many issues such as hormone imbalances, diabetes or even chronic constipation which is found to cause nighttime bedwetting. It could be due to stress that the child might be experiencing at studies or due to peers as well. In any case, it is advisable to talk to the child about the problem, make sure he or she is not embarrassed due to the bedwetting and to consult a doctor about the bedwetting if it continues. The Ramsey bedwetting system could be used to treat and minimize any emotional impact on the children as it will allow the child himself to grow out of bedwetting.


Less Stress for the Parents

The Ramsey bedwetting system will also result in less stress for the parents who are dealing with children with bedwetting issues. In addition to the obvious issues of waking up in the night when the child has wet the bed to cleaning up stress; there will be the stress of how to handle the situation without letting the child go through any negative emotions like guilt or low self-esteem. So the parents can actually step back and relax with the Ramsey system and it is proven by research to provide positive results in no time.


Though physically there is not much of a health risk in bedwetting; it could lead to rashes and other irritations for the child; especially if they sleep in the wet clothes through the night. It is also a risk to let the mattresses get wet regularly as it could lead to the buildup of fungi. It could also lead to unpleasant odors that could affect the child’s sleep more. So the wet clothes and bed sheet will have to be washed each time and the mattresses and even pillows sometimes will have to be dried in the sun to ensure hygiene. All this effort and time would be saved by the use of the Ramsey bedwetting system. Since it uses a rubber mat this will also help to save the mattress from getting wet.

Ultimately the child and the parent will both be able to sleep peacefully and to face the morning bright and shiny.

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Ross Wallace