Ways to Comfort Babies

Last week’s ILS Babycare blog post focused on “How to Comfort a Fussy Baby” and it even included reasons why your baby may be fussing and what you should do. This time around, we’re looking at how to comfort babies and what you can do specifically. They may relate to various causes and reasons. By having a list put together, you may find it easier to find ways to comfort your baby especially when you and the baby may be already overwhelmed with emotion.

Basic Needs

First off, make sure your baby’s basic needs are met. Often a baby may cry or fuss if they are not in their happy place. Therefore, if you were looking to comfort babies, first make sure their tummies are well and full.

It could be hunger, therefore make sure to nurse your little one. If you are having trouble nursing your little one as he or she may be too worked up to nurse, consider rocking your baby gently while doing this. If you have expressed baby milk (such as with the help of our handy Medela Symphony Electric Hospital Grade Breast Pump), you might find it easier to have dad help out.

If you think he may have gas stuck in his tummy, help your little one burp. There are many positions that can help with burping a baby. We have found the following video quite helpful.


Another reason may be that your baby simply needs a diaper change. Make sure to change his diaper, or even completely undress him to check whether there is anything on him that may be bothering him. Check his little fingers for hair tourniquets too!

Sensory Soothing

Sometimes, babies can get lonely or just need to be held. However, you should change up your positions for holding your baby to find the one that he likes the best. You can even choose a baby sling, wrap, or carrier to help you. If you fear your baby is suffering from colic, then the colic hold would be an ideal way to relieve discomfort. Also giving your little one a massage or a back rub can also help soothe.

If your baby responds well to certain sounds, then you should definitely try this. Try out his favourites to find out which he reacts best to, sometimes the sound of your voice whether you are signing or simply speaking to him lovingly can do the trick. Another option would be to play some “white noise” sounds, such as the likes of a vacuum cleaner, or even a white noise machine may help.

If these don’t work, you can look to movement to provide comfort to your little one. Rocking your baby is a great option, but can be exhausting but should be attempted before you try the next few options as skin-to-skin warmth can play a big role in soothing your baby. Bouncing, swaying, and even slow dancing are ideal options. If holding your baby gets too tired, consider a safe baby swing. Even put him in a sling or carrier and got for a walk. Alternatively, you can do the same in a pram or stroller, or even take him for a car ride too.

Reduce Stimulation

No matter what you try, you need to make sure you remove stimulation. Consider swaddling your baby and even turning down the lights and sound levels to help your baby adjust to his surroundings. If are planning on taking him outdoors, make sure you opt for peaceful and quiet areas that lacks stimulation.

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