Top Tips For Busy Moms : How To Pump For Twins

Having one baby is hard work because you would be taking care of this little one whose whole life depends on you. And having twins would only mean- double the workload. You will have to find a way to manage your time more efficiently. ( and it is not going to be easy!)

You should also get all the help you can have at least until you get used to taking care of two little ones.

While you are getting all that is necessary to take care of twins such as diapers, pillows, cribs, clothes, etc. you should also work on a good nursing plan. Most mothers find it quite easier to use a breast pump when nursing their twins. It gives you the chance to take care of both of their hunger at the same time. Otherwise, while you are breastfeeding one the other will be hungry. There are several things to keep in mind when pumping for twins.


Getting the Best Breast Pump

Your first step should be getting the best breast pump in the market. Always make sure to do your homework on the different breast pumps available before you settle on one. The best breast pump will be easy and practical to use. It will also let you pump more milk in a short time. This is very important when you are pumping for twins who usually have the same meal cycle. The best pump will also be the results of years of research. You will find such a great breast pump with ILS babycare. The advantage of using this breast pump provided by ILS babycare is being able to get it delivered to your home as well as being able to hire it without buying it.


How Often Should You Pump?

Once you have the breast pump you should decide about how often to pump. This usually depends on the pumping speed of the pump itself. Usually, prior to bottle feeding its best to plan on pumping at least an hour before you feed the babies. This, however, will depend on the nursing cycle of the twins. Once you figure that out you can have the milk pumped and ready for them when they are hungry.

Keeping Yourself Healthy and Strong

Another very important fact to consider when pumping for twins is keeping your body healthy and strong. As long as you are strong and healthy you will be able to pump the right amount of milk for both of your kids. If you are weak you will not have enough milk for both. Therefore, while you are taking care of the twins, make sure to take care of yourself too.

Therefore, when you are pumping for twins always use the best breast pump in the market.


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