In addition to making your life easy as a new mother, a breast pump is an instrument that also gives mental health and social benefits. A breast pump is a gadget that can help you when breastfeeding your milk to baby turns out to be a problem. Mother’s milk is very important for all babies and it’s even more important when you have a premature baby. In this instance, your milk would have to be pumped out and administered through a feeding tube by the medical staff. The breast pump is also useful to mothers who have to get back to their respective jobs or when some babies are not able to latch on their feed or find it difficult to suckle.

Increasing Supply

New mums usually do not produce more milk after childbirth as a newborn baby does not require a lot of milk in the first few days. So pumping the milk will help to produce more milk and also give relief to the pain caused by tightening of breasts when it’s full. The pumped out milk could be refrigerated for later use.


Engorgement elimination

Some mothers produce a high supply of milk in the first few days after birth. Since a baby doesn’t drink much in the early days, this supply might be too excessive, resulting in engorgement.  When the baby grows older the milk requirement increases and then it is best to use a breast pump to maintain the high supply because the supply will remain constant when the milk is expressed.

Break for Mum

A new mum’s life is not generally pleasant with so many tasks in hand. The breast pump can help a mother to take a break from the breastfeeding routine and relax by letting someone else feed the expressed milk. This break can also help you to refresh and handle other important activities in your life.

Medela Symphony Hospital Grade Breast Pump Working Breastfeeding Moms


Socializing is important for a person’s emotional and physical health. It is a well-known fact that most new mothers miss the freedom and socializing they had earlier. The breast pump comes in handy here because baby’s feeds can be solved by getting a family member to feed the stored expressed milk while mum goes out to enjoy her favorite activities.

Insurance Cover

Some insurance companies cover the purchase or rental of breast pumps which enables people to buy and get a refund. The pump could be bought from a medical supplier authorized by the insurance company or get a hospital grade breast pump on rental. Find out about this benefit and how to get a breast pump through insurance cover.

Breast Pump Accessories

Breast pump accessories are important attachments of the breast pump. Independent Living Specialists has the best range of breast pump accessories. Medela swing electric breast pump, Medela breast pump double kit, Medela personal fit breast shield, Medela breastmilk bottles and feeding pillows are some of the popular accessories available in their stores.

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