It is difficult to remain cool in the nursery when you are physically developing to being a parent among heaps of rummage. Bring back your sanity and arrangement with these space saving tips.

Baby untidy mess affects even the most systematized mothers and fathers. (It probably doubles overnight). However, living with a baby shouldn’t actually be chaotic if some space saving tips are followed to tidy up the nursery in very little time.

Rearrange your baby’s wardrobe

Baby items usually have a sentimental value and you will not feel like parting with the bibs and onesies you receive, and very likely to end up with having two or three times more than you need.  Once the baby’s dresser comes to a bursting level with clothes, keep three extra new clothing for your next baby or donate all extras to a shelter home or orphanage. Outgrown and next size clothing should be taken out and arranged into plastic boxes and rearranged in a separate cupboard.

Corral diapering supplies

Streamline the routine of changing table to make baby’s and your life more pleasant. Keep everything you need ready within hand’s reach. Store diapers, wipes, and creams in a basket or box along with a rag or cloth for wiping up unexpected spoils.

Newbron Baby feet in the mother hands.

Look for a crib with built-in storage

A baby hospital bassinet with built-in storage is an essential item in the nursery that will help to sort out baby mess elimination. Although babies are tiny beings, their requirements range from bite-size to enormous. It is recommended to consider a bassinet that works as a storage space and crib. A model that can stow crib sheets or standby diapers is ideal for space saving.

Rotate nursery decorations

It is not necessary to display every decoration at once. Save your spare time which may have to be utilized for dusting the décor. Separate the décor into four parts and change the collections according to the season.

Add baskets to open shelves

Wide shelves are ideal for storing books and baby toys. Lining shelves with canvas bins will make storage easy as anything can be chucked. The bonus part is that this will help the kids to keep it neat and tidy as they get older.


Build Baby’s closet

Customize your baby’s closet to hold tiny size wardrobe. You’ll find your closet space doubling when you fix a second clothing rod a few feet below the first rod. To store items long term, the overhead space could be expanded by adding extra shelves.

Curb the longing to hoard “keepsakes”

If every token from babyhood is boxed up the house will end up full of stuffed animals and rattles which have been cast off leaving little space for other important stuff. Go through the memorable items and keep back only a few which are extra special and store in a single lidded plastic container in a storeroom or basement.

In addition to making space in the nursery, a baby hospital bassinet and Medela breast pump are two most important must-haves in the nursery.  These are available at all ILS babycare stores and online for hire/rent or purchase.


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Ross Wallace