New Discoveries On Benefits Of Breast Milk

Breast milk is considered to be a marvelous miracle. It is well-known fact that the initial action of human milk is providing wholesome nutrition to a baby in the beginning months of life. However, researchers have now begun to learn that it can provide nutrition to more than just an infant.

Human milk expressed through the breast consists oligosaccharides(HMOs), complex carbohydrates that cannot be absorbed into a baby’s digestive system. The presence of these HMOs in human milk is not by accident and it is produced by plenty of a mother’s energy. However, the question is why aren’t the babies not able to absorb these HMOs directly which have taken so much of a mother’s energy.


The reason is that it is food for bacteria and not for the baby. The HMOs are digested by the healthy bacteria that usually live an infant’s digestive tract. This bacteria is called B. infantis. It is interesting to note that B infantis eats up on these expensively produced complex carbohydrates found in human milk. Scientists have discovered that the main reason the baby has to go through in producing HMOs is to nourish the B. infantis present in baby’s bowels, giving the infant the beginning of a lifetime of healthy bacteria in the bowels and the disease-free benefits accompanied with it.

It has been detected that B.Infantis fed with HMO quickens the growth of a babies’ immune reactions, curb extra inflammation and regulate digestion in various ways. Probably bad bacteria in an infant’s gut, usually linked to colic is reduced by B. infantis and this also curbs others diseases such as asthma, allergies, diabetes, and obesity.

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The emotional closeness and relationship between mother and baby during breastfeeding is very special.

Due to the presence of bacteria food in human milk, it has become very important for a mother’s body to produce HMOs. Unfortunately, medical progress in the developed world with the introduction of c-sections, formula feeding and antibiotics although saves innumerable lives, has been the cause of the drop in B.infantis settling healthy gut microbiomes in babies.

Good bacteria such as B. infantis, persists to be associated with perfect health from infancy to adulthood. It’s high time we change the perspective of the way of looking at bacteria as a whole and find ways and means to restore or recycle the natural means we have lost in the past by promoting the growth of good bacteria.

The best solution for replacing the missing B.infantis is to create a protective gut microbiome as effectively and as early as possible in life is by introducing once a day Evivo, a new infant probiotic mixed with human milk. Dr. Tracy Shafizade, a nutritional scientist believes that this is the best manner to start re-examining our way of looking at gut bacteria and best health.

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