Having a Premature Baby

Sometimes, life has other plans and we welcome them with stride. When it comes to having your baby early, it could be for a number of reasons. Whichever they may be, being prepared is crucial. One of the things you should know is what to expect if you are having a premature baby (or may be at risk of it too). The most important thing is to be strong and prepare yourself for the months ahead; here’s how!

The Birth and After

You often don’t expect to have a premature birth, but if you go into early labour or need to have an emergency c-section, then you will need all the assistance you can get. Having the baby at the hospital under a doctor’s care would be best advised so that that proper care can be offered (especially during an emergency). Once the baby is born, the doctor and the nurses in charge will check the baby to make sure everything is okay. More often than not, your baby may need to looked after in an incubator to help him or her adjust to the outside world. You may not be able to hold your baby right away due to this. You need to be strong during this time and be patient. Your baby will be fed expressed breast milk through a tube or offered nutritious intravenously.

Taking Your Premature Baby Home

After your doctor gives you the go ahead, your baby will be transferred to a baby bassinet and you can thereafter take your baby home. While it may be scary or overwhelming at first, make sure you have help. Don’t forget that by taking your baby home, he or she will be able to fight infections better and develop their immune system. It can also help establish feeding and bond with your little one.

Breastfeeding your Premature Baby

When it comes to feeding a baby who was born prematurely, they may require special care. They will be fed differently and not from the breast. Therefore, hospitals ask the mothers to express their breast milk so that it can be fed to the baby to give them the best nutrition such as colostrum. The Medela Symphony, a hospital grade electric breast pump, is the trusted choice at many maternity wards across the country. Mimicking the baby’s sucking motion with its 2-phase technology, the Medela Symphony makes expressing beast milk a breeze. At the hospital, your baby will be fed the expressed breast milk through tubing and slowly transitioned into preemie bottles. When you take your baby home, you can continue doing so until he or she is  ready to be breastfed.

You can continue using the Medela Symphony until you choose to wean your baby off breast milk. Don’t forget that you can freeze breast milk up to 6 months too! Many working mothers find this hospital grade breast pump easy and efficient to ensure the best for their little ones. If you are looking to hire the Medela Symphony electric breast pump after taking your premature baby home, contact ILS Babycare breast pump hiring service for more information.


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