Fatigue During Pregnancy : How You Can Prepare Yourself

Tiredness, lethargy, weakness – you may call it anything, but it’s a bad situation. This is what causes pregnancy tiredness and what can you do about it.

You cannot lift your head off the pillow, you are walking slowly all day and you can’t wait to get into bed as soon as you reach home at night. Doesn’t it sound familiar? If it is, welcome to the club. Being tired is normal during pregnancy especially during the first few months and few weeks before delivery.

When Does Pregnancy Tiredness Start?

Feeling tired and lethargic are the first signs of pregnancy. Most women go through this ordeal that may begin during the first weeks of conception. Although it is different from each individual, it usually, subsides by the second trimester and returns in the third.


Reasons for Fatigue During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is like hiking a mountain or running a long distance race without any training carrying a bag on your back that keeps getting heavier every day. It’s not an easy job! You will need a lot of strength and stamina during the first few months to build a life support system for your baby, especially the placenta, which is the reason it makes you feel extra tired. Further, body metabolism will increase considerably and the blood sugar and pressure might get lower.

Towards the end of the first trimester, the body may have finished the creating of the placenta and got more used to the hormonal and emotional changes that come with it. So, the second trimester is actually a period where the energy is renewed.

Fatigue and overtiredness may return a bit more increasingly during the third trimester. This is acceptable as the weight you are carrying is more than earlier and walking around with these extra points can turn out to be too tiring. The extra largeness along with heartburn, backache and restless leg syndrome may find you difficult to catch up on the sleep. Other stuff such as your mind being overloaded with to do lists for the baby may also interrupt with your energy and sound sleep.

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Further, if your tiredness is severe, continuous and lasting throughout the entire pregnancy, especially if you feel breathless or have fainting spells, it will be best to speak to your doctor for a thorough assessment and treatment. Another condition that can be treated is prenatal depression which is when you feel sad, uncaring or feel anxiety or changes in appetite.

Pregnant woman sitting on a sofa and caressing her belly

How to Overcome Tiredness During Pregnancy

Always remember that tiredness is a realistic sign from your body that you need to slow down. So put your foot down and give your body all the rest it needs. Pamper yourself, get help from family, increase your sleep pattern, eat well and often and take a simple walk whenever you feel ok.

Is Tiredness Harmful to Baby?

Feeling tired during pregnancy is very tough for most women but it is not harmful to the baby. The main reason for tiredness is due to your body processing the overwhelming job of producing another human being. The best solution is to see your doctor if you feel any discomfort or feel any unusual change.

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