Causes and Soothing Fussy Newborns

If you’re a new mother or father, then you may have come across a fussy newborn who you can’t seem to soothe. We feel your pain, but there’s hope! Set aside your feelings of panic and fear as you stress over your baby crying. We have a few ideas that have been tried & tested by mothers who understand as they too have gone through trying to soothe a fussy newborn!

Is your Newborn Hungry?

One of the most common causes of your newborn to be fussy is hunger. Due to their stomachs being unable to carry much, they need to be fed often. However, letting your baby cry before offering him breast milk from the source or via a bottle may not be the best option right away.  Take some time to soothe the little one by applying a little expressed breast milk onto a clean finger or pacifier and offer it to your fussy newborn and let him/her settle down into a calm state of feeding or rest before offering breastfeeding or bottle-feeding expressed breast milk. This will ensure that they do not gulp air and choke.

Is your Newborn Restless?

When your little one was inside your womb, they were exposed to a lot of movement and noise. Therefore, your newborn once out in the real world, may find lack of movement quite strange. If you have yourself a quiet room, move your baby bassinet into a room that offers more noise or wheel him/her around the house exposing them to different environments. If your newborn has slept well and has been fed, then taking your little one on a stroll around the house in the likes of a hospital grade bassinet or a stroller outside, or simply carrying them with you in a baby sling is an ideal way to calm them down.

Is your Newborn Colicky?

Colic can be a very upsetting thing for the newborn and new parents alike. If your baby is fussy and cries for extended periods, it would be due to gastric upsets and indigestion. For breastfeeding mothers, consider looking into your diet and changing it accordingly to prevent your little one much discomfort. Items such as caffeine, dairy and onions are common causes of colic in babies.

Is your Newborn Lonely?

When your newborn is left alone, they too can experience loneliness. Co-sleeping with the aid of a baby bassinet on wheels allows you to offer your baby company in a safe way. If you baby starts to cry, attempt to soothe him/her by holding them close and rubbing their backs in circular motions (mimicking rubbing your stomach when pregnant).

Does your Newborn need a Diaper Change?

You would not like laying in wet clothing, therefore why would your little one? If your baby has done a pee or poo, they will cry to get your attention to let you know of their needs. If you have hired a hospital grade bassinet it doesn’t up a s convenient changing table making it easy for you to do the needful in a jiffy!

Finding ways to soothe your newborns can be stressful but by trying out a few options, you will find that rubbing in rhythmic motions and massages, relaxing sounds or change in environment, to finding a comfortable position and warmth, dealing with colic and also the use of a pacifier can help.

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Ross Wallace