Activities for your Little One While in a Baby Bassinet

Your newborn may be too young for too many activities. Your baby may be able to do a few while in a baby bassinet under supervision. Once your baby is older than one month until he or she is able to sit up, you are able to use the likes of a baby bassinet in various situations.

If you were to hire a hospital baby bassinet through ILS Babycare, you will be able to not only utilise it as a bedside baby cot that can also be wheeled into other rooms for your convenience. You may also use it for bathing by simply removing the linen and mattress. The convenience of these hospital bassinets is that you can also lift the clear Perspex bassinet, incline the head of the bassinet, and remove it (for easy cleanup).

Tummy Time

Tummy Time helps babies build muscle and grow stronger. One of the most important of them would be their neck muscles as the neck is not strong enough to lift his or her head up on its own. Let your little one get comfortable with tummy time by aiding them with a soft pillow. It is a good way to ease into it as early as one month of age. It will help them push up, and ultimately sit up, crawl and pull to stand. It is important to make sure that when you do let your baby have tummy time it is not right after a feeding or when he or she is either tired or hungry as it may be uncomfortable. A safe place to allow your baby to enjoy tummy time would be in the bassinet or on a safe mat under your supervision.

Baby Gyms

Babies need to move and need entertainment. The likes of a baby gym can be a great tool for a baby’s development. It can be easily set up in the likes of your bassinet with colourful stimulants that will allow your baby to develop his or her muscles, coordination, communication and more. The type of baby gym you choose can feature colourful shapes that are suspended over the baby. Often items with textures and sounds can help improve their vision and hearing. You can allow your baby to enjoy a baby gym soon after they are born as it will allow your baby to entertain himself in the comfort of his baby bassinet with you close by.

Baby Exercises

Exercise is important to building a healthy body, and babies too need it. As a newborn, he or she may not have enough hand eye coordination, however when your baby’s eye sight improves, then you are able to help carry some out. These includes the likes of the following.

  1. Finger Towing: You can hold up your index fingers for your baby to grab it. Some your baby has grabbed your finger, you can gently pick up your hands, bringing your baby up with you. Make sure your baby’s neck muscles are strong enough before trying this out.
  2. Tummy Time: As mentioned before, you can improve neck muscle strength and development.. It can also help with elevating your baby’s head as he or she grows stronger.
  3. Bicycle Exercise: Whilst your baby is lying on his or her back, you grab his feet and gently thrust one leg towards his or her chest, and alternate with the other leg whilst bring it down and lengthening it.

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