5 Things To Get Before Your Baby Arrives

Expecting a baby is one of the greatest joys and responsibilities in a person’s life and those experiencing this joy have a lot to do before your baby arrives. Given below are some tips on what to get before you welcome your baby in a splendid manner into this world.

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Sleep and Food

In the first trimester, the most common symptom is exhaustion. It is best to sleep as much as you can, as chances of catching up on sleep are very little once the baby arrives. Cravings for various food items and morning sickness lasts all day and for some expectant mothers who cannot keep anything down or crave nonfood items may need medical attention.

Baby proof your house

Apart from the usual baby furniture and clothing, it is important to ensure the house is baby proof. The following need to be checked.

  • Ensure the baby crib and other baby items are new and safe.
  • All new clothing and blankets have to be washed before being used.
  • Don’t leave pillows, stuffed animals or blankets on the crib as these could suffocate the baby.
  • Unused electrical sockets should be covered with outlet plugs.
  • Cleaning products and medicines should be stored out of baby’s reach.
  • Ensure baby’s environment is dust and pest free by having the house cleaned.
  • Do not leave any small objects within baby’s reach to prevent the hazard of choking.

Buying baby’s requirements

Once the baby arrives much clothing, baby items and other supplies will be required. Ensure availability of clean linen in your baby’s sleeping area, Stock of diapers and wipes are important. If you do not intend to breastfeed, formula and baby bottles should be purchased. Choose clothing depending on the seasonal weather. Installing a dimming nursery lamp to get the correct light for feeding or checking on the little is also a good idea. The second trimester is the best time to do your shopping as it gives you time to change or add to your requirements and also do so while you have the energy. Smaller baby essentials such as cot bedding and nappies could be bought in your 3rd trimester as these are light and easy to carry and doesn’t need much research or walking.



If you are a working mother childcare will be on top of your list. If you happen to live in an area where there is high demand for infant care and providers, a reliable childcare or provider should be found as soon as you learn you are pregnant. However, this will not be necessary if there is a family member to help out in this situation.

Breast Pump

The breast pump is also important as you can never say when you’ll need it. Medela’s range of breast pumps caters for all possible needs of breastfeeding mothers. It assists in introducing breast feeding to prematurely born babies, to express milk to cover some nights. Most pumps have a 2 phase expression technology which mimics baby’s natural sucking rhythm which allows mothers to express more breast milk in less time. The breast pump is mostly useful for working mothers.

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