Hire a Bedwetting Treatment Alarm and Mat

The alarm consists of a soft rubber mat, which is placed onto the bed and connected to the bedside alarm unit.

The mat is urine sensitive and only triggers the battery operated alarm unit when the child wets.

A bell rings and a light comes on to show where the alarm is.

The child wakes, turns off the alarm and attends the toilet.

The alarms also has an inbuilt counter that shows how long it takes for the child to turn off the alarm.

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Facts – About Bedwetting

By the age of 5 years, 20% of children still wet the bed. By the age of 10 years, 5% of children continue to wet the bed at night.

The good news is that for many children, the problem can be fixed by using a Ramsey Coote Bedwetting alarm.

The Ramsey Coote Bedwetting alarms are widely recognized by healthcare professionals as the leading treatment for bedwetting.

With the help of the bedwetting alarm and pad, your child should become dry and stop bedwetting within the space of weeks.

Research Results

Bedwetting Treatment research results

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